About Us

   Kantar is a mixture of old and new. Walking along with time, we have created a unique structure, which includes three type of services: hostel, hotel and apartment accommodation in Yerevan. 

   We provide to our customers the best service with affordable prices, to make their trip unforgettable and carefree. 

   We have designed the hotel in the very center of Yerevan, with just 1 minute's walking distance from the Republic Square and 200 meters away from the nearest Metro station. Here you will experience not only the old Yerevan, but you could also become a part of the new modern city. 

   This list can be endless, but instead of reading it, you can simply visit us and enjoy the convenience and hospitality of our hotel yourself. 

Why Kantar

   The hostel and hotel are located in the historical part of Yerevan. This area of the city was very popular by its market, which was called "ghantar". The word "ghantar" itself means big scales of the market. Here were the biggest and the smallest scales of Yerevan: "ghantar" and "mirza" accordingly, which were the property of the City Hall. The wholesale trade of the city was carried on by these scales and the only one who had the right to weigh was the owner of the scales. 

   Today, unfortunately, only the memory of this market remained. As you may have already guessed the name of our hotel "Kantar" is directly connected with the name this area of the city used to have.

Why Armenia

Armenia is a unique mix of both Eastern and Western cultures. Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, which is in fact older than Rome, was founded in 782 A.D and was called Erebuni. Here you can almost feel the breath of old Armenian culture that is evident in the beautiful buildings made of "touf" stone, which are rare all over the world, museums representing our history and churches that are bright examples of Armenian's Christian belief.

The amazing fact is that beside the historical places Armenia is an ideal place for entertainment and active leisure. You have a chance do go mount biking in the beautiful environment, have a swim in the gorgeous lake Sevan, travel by the longest cable car track in the world which leads you to Tatev church.

After going through countless adventures You can have a rest in Yerevan's entertaining clubs, pubs and restaurants, tasting the delicious Armenian cuisine, listening to live performances of Armenian musicians, who play various kinds of music starting from jazz and rock n roll ending up with national music.Over all, we are sure you will have a great time in Armenia, where the warm sun and kind hearted people will make you feel relax and comfortable and have unforgettable adventures in our country.


You are ambitious, motivated and hard working person? Then we welcome your decision to become a part of our organisation. Send your CV by the following e-mail: and maybe tomorrow you will join our great team.

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